Make Free Call Anywhere in the world (Android & Desktop)

Make 100% Free HD Sound Audio Video Call

Make free audio video call any time anywhere in the world.it is 100% free communication software.  don't thing about extra hunkypaungky that means its very easy to use no required skill. It will work your phone number as a Caller ID. you can also use in your desktop as a phone. Setup the software and call your friend and family that is totally free for everyone. This is offline download option you do not go for the download to google play store just one click download. Actually to get those soft we have to suffer  because many of us have not available internet all the time in the phone. Install Viber and any one from the below that is new and comfortable for using.

At a Glance Viber Apps.

1. HD audio Sound Quality
2. Group Calling
3. Photo Video File send
4. Instant SMS, MMS
5. Sharing
6. Free 100%

Download for Desktop
Download for Android

Download for Windows Phone
Download for Nokia
Download for Bada
Download for IOS
Download for Samsung 
Download for JAVA2ME


To Make Audio and Video call it's very  easy to use and I think it will be better than Skype. No need credit to make audio video call.Setup this tango apps on your Mobile or desktop and invite your friends. Free 3g call you can make no credit or extra point required. Go Google play store.

1. Audio and Video Call
2. HD Audio Quality
3. File Sharing
4. Text SMS, MMS
5. Groping
6. Desktop to phone call
7. Chating with friends
8. Send photo, video, voice massage

Many more

Direct Download Tango New Version
Download Tango New Version 


Line is another calling apps like Skype,Tango, Viber etc. But it has different configuration that help to make free call world wide. line is android apps that support every android hand set. Line is a free communication and massaging apps.
1. 3g free call
2. Send text, audio, video, and voice MMS
3. Chating with friends
4. unlimited call desktop to phone call
5. fun with friends

If you  want you can some other free calling apps for your mobile and desktop

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