Problem of Internet Provider Company in a Developing Country

Internet Providing Problem

All the major ISP ( Internet Provider Company) are providing the internet service using the satellite links VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal). Data circuits using such setup have a natural time delay of more than 500 milliseconds to cross at least two satellite hops and to reach the down end of the link. ISP elsewhere use optical fiber links for internet connectivity. The optical fiber runs over the surface of the earth so the points there can be connected using a much shorter length in contrast to propagation length of satellite transmissions. Moreover as optical fibers use the frequency of light so that higher bandwidth is available from a single link than that of satellite. In this local ISP are lagging.

Bandwidth Problems

Most of the local ISP Company contains poor bandwidth capacity which causes low speed of data transfer rate and access speed. As we contain the lower bandwidth capacity so our ultimate download as well as browsing speed below the expectation.

Technical problems

The service providers who operate networks are lack of proper technical knowledge & Technical education. The base of a foundation is not strong as a result we face several types of technical problems that make so difficulties to maintain the supply. 


Legal Problem

Due to lack of the application of proper law & order the service provider they connect more P.C’s then they were permitted which create a load to the system. A strict law batter then a gold resources.


Network problem

We know that there is no central owner of an Internet and so there is none to develop it properly which causes a great problem with a local ISP. We need a central monitoring cell to control the networking system so that it has gone through a mechanical way.


Subscription Charge

The end user is most of the time unwilling to pay the subscription charge properly and timely which ultimately harms to the local ISP. we know without profit a company can exist to carry a business they have to invest money.

Organizational Infrastructure:

The infrastructure of the network is weak. We always have in troubles, to insure regular internet we have to change our infrastructure. To develop our infrastructure we need government help as well as we have to insure the proper use of resources. 

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