Format of Methodology



It will describe the process how the information assigns to prepare the assignment, report, or research paper. Let's move on;

In this research used a descriptive method.The descriptive nature in this research paper shows to determine the answers to what, where, when, and how can it be possible all the questions about the ceramic industry in Bangladesh. Secondary data sources ware used to explain as a method.

Plan of work

We divided our work into several phases of making an effective output. These phases are;

1. Gathering Basic ideas of ceramic industry.
2. Understanding the impact of the product in Bangladesh.
3. Find out the possible problem of ceramic industry in Bangladeshi prospective.
4. Arrange the possible solution of that particular problem.

Data Collection

To describe the research we have collected data from primary and secondary sources.


Data were collected from both primary and secondary sources. Primary data were collected through direct interview with the respondents. The secondary data were collected from renowned national and international organization, viz. Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh (EPB), Statistics Department of Bangladesh Bank, The Bangladesh Journal of Economics, Bangladesh Economic Review, Newspapers and Internet Files.

A Major portion of the data was obtained from market research and from resource development of the Mart Ceramic Industry Ltd. Annual report, official website of the company and also data obtain from different topic related internet website.

Data processing and Analysis

Collecting Information was interpreted with the help of MS Office, SPSS computer software. Detailed analysis, working variables, future projections of the report and working definitions are organized in the report.

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